A Great Family Law Divorce Lawyer & Attorney

divorceFamily Law is a specialty that not all lawyers have experience in. If you are going through a divorce and having issues with custody you want to find an attorney that knows family law. This field of law can be complicated so make sure you find somebody that you feel comfortable with can do the right job for you. Domestic issues whether it is divorce or child custody touches just about every social class, whether you are wealthy or you are poor. This type of law deals with many issues that come up with in a marriage. You may be having an issue with your acts and getting proper custody of your children, a good family lawyer can help you with your rights.

If you are thinking about it not being a child you will also need a family lawyer who has experience to draw up the papers that you need. Also you can consult with this type of attorney to make sure you go through the right processes in finding a new child. There have also been cases where a family lawyer with needed to get involved when a child was a abducted from their biological parent.

Getting Help from the Pros

car accident


If you have been involved in a car accident in the past, you already know how traumatic and stressful it can be. Even if it is just a minor accident like a scratch on your car’s bumper or a dent on the hood, dealing with the aftermath of an accident requires your time and attention. There is the car insurance company that you have to talk to and deal with, the other party involved in the accident, getting your car fixed or replaced, as well as visiting the doctor to have yourself checked for any possible injuries from the accident. Even if you do not feel any pain at the time of the accident, it is still advisable to see a doctor because there may be some conditions that may result from the accident. It can be emotional or physical trauma so you better have yourself checked.

Aside from the medical professional that you have to consult, there is another professional that you are advised to seek help from. Even if you think that you can handle everything on your own, there are technicalities that only a legal professional can carry out. That is why at the first chance that you can get, get yourself a lawyer. Those who live in San Diego, California or in nearby areas can get a good car accident lawyer in San Diego at www.sdcaccidentpros.org. At San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Group, they pride themselves in having experienced and aggressive attorneys who can help you deal with matters related to your accident. When you go the said website, you immediately have the opportunity to engage in a live chat with anyone from the company to talk about your needs. They also offer free consultation to assess your case better. There is a part on their website which allows you to fill out personal information as well as provide a brief description of your case for them to provide you with a free consultation.

Having a lawyer to back you up with your car accident case will be beneficial for you in all aspects that you look at. Although hiring a professional comes with a price, it will all be worth it especially when you realize that the stress and anxiety that you are feeling are lessened because someone is already handling all the work for you. You can never go wrong with a professional. Just make sure that you get it from the right car accident lawyer group.



Why Divorce?


“When I got hired by my uncle’s firm, I got a divorce case as my first case ever.” Mickey Sneer, from
I was asked by a law student this question when I spoke as an alumnus for my school’s grad party. This was my answer:

When I was in school, my professor told me to become a criminal lawyer because I was good in handling conflicts. With a background in psychology, I was destined for just that, or so I thought. When I got hired by my uncle’s firm, I got a divorce case as my first case ever. I did so well with my first case so my uncle got me more divorce cases whenever they were filed. I couldn’t turn them down because I won’t be paid if I don’t get cases. This went on for a good 2 years, and when I finally got on my own feet, I was already experienced with divorce cases.

Another firm hired me as their “go-to” guy for divorces because they knew of my reputation. 20 odd years later, I’m now one of the best divorce attorneys in the state. To answer your question in advance, I am still happily married to my wife and our marriage is intact.

I guess you could say that when you work with the law, you don’t really have a choice as to what will be offered on your plate. You just have to pucker up and get things over with.

What Makes a Great Divorce Lawyer?

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A great divorce lawyer is someone who’s able to make the transition to a divorced life a lot easier. It’s not about getting the most out of child-care custody or alimony, but rather, it’s about making sure that your rights as a husband or wife stay protected throughout the duration of the process. For example, a husband that has been found in violation of the pre-nuptial agreement needs to be sanctioned properly by the court and the only way to accomplish that is to have a great divorce lawyer by your side.

Another thing that makes a great divorce lawyer is that you get what needs to be taken properly. For example, a wife that needs custody of the children taken away from her deadbeat husband can succeed in the divorce hearing without having to resort to illegal measures (blackmail or extortion).

Lastly, a great divorce lawyer makes sure that everything is still taken care of even after the proceedings. He or she will make sure that you get your alimony or child care cheques, and he or she will make sure that you also carry your end of the bargain so that you won’t have to suffer the legal consequences.