A Great Family Law Divorce Lawyer & Attorney

divorceFamily Law is a specialty that not all lawyers have experience in. If you are going through a divorce and having issues with custody you want to find an attorney that knows family law. This field of law can be complicated so make sure you find somebody that you feel comfortable with can do the right job for you. Domestic issues whether it is divorce or child custody touches just about every social class, whether you are wealthy or you are poor. This type of law deals with many issues that come up with in a marriage. You may be having an issue with your acts and getting proper custody of your children, a good family lawyer can help you with your rights.

If you are thinking about it not being a child you will also need a family lawyer who has experience to draw up the papers that you need. Also you can consult with this type of attorney to make sure you go through the right processes in finding a new child. There have also been cases where a family lawyer with needed to get involved when a child was a abducted from their biological parent.

What Makes a Great Divorce Lawyer?

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A great divorce lawyer is someone who’s able to make the transition to a divorced life a lot easier. It’s not about getting the most out of child-care custody or alimony, but rather, it’s about making sure that your rights as a husband or wife stay protected throughout the duration of the process. For example, a husband that has been found in violation of the pre-nuptial agreement needs to be sanctioned properly by the court and the only way to accomplish that is to have a great divorce lawyer by your side.

Another thing that makes a great divorce lawyer is that you get what needs to be taken properly. For example, a wife that needs custody of the children taken away from her deadbeat husband can succeed in the divorce hearing without having to resort to illegal measures (blackmail or extortion).

Lastly, a great divorce lawyer makes sure that everything is still taken care of even after the proceedings. He or she will make sure that you get your alimony or child care cheques, and he or she will make sure that you also carry your end of the bargain so that you won’t have to suffer the legal consequences.

What is Alimony and How Can a Divorce Attorney Help?

Divorce lawyers often receive questions about alimony, including what it is and how someone can receive it. The answers to these questions vary greatly from state to state and between cases. Your divorce attorney will work with the courts and opposing council to determine if you qualify, for how much, and under what circumstances you can collect it. The one constant is what alimony (also called spousal support) is — the transfer of money from the higher-income party to the party with low or no income in order to limit the effects of a divorce or separation.

Alimony How Is Spousal Support Calculated?

This area of family law is a grey area for divorce lawyers. The exact amount is determined by the courts. However, some may take the ‘The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act’ into consideration. One of the main factors your divorce attorney and the court will consider is how old you and your former spouse are as well as the physical, emotional, and financial states of both sides. The length of time the two of you were married and the standard of living the two of you had at that time also enters into consideration. Finally, the courts will decide how able your former partner is to make the payments. The goal is to find a balance between the needs of the two sides rather than to break one side or the other.

How Long Do The Payments Last?

Like the actual dollar amount, the length of the payments and corresponding court order depends purely on the courts and what kind of information each divorce attorney brings to light during the case. However, it will ultimately depend on how long it will take the lower income party to make enough of an income that he or she can live unsupported. This could be for the duration of a degree, a certain number of months to give that person enough time to find a job and build up savings, or until the lower income party remarries. Death on either side doesn’t necessarily make a difference either — payments can be made or paid to the others estate for various reasons.

Isn’t Alimony Strictly For Women?

Years ago, men made most if not all of the income in the household. For this reason, it was very rare for divorce lawyers to get alimony for a husband. Today, however, women have become more independent and often make more than their spouses make. This has led to the increase in the numbers of ex-husbands receiving payments as well as the number of men assuming full-custody of their children.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Selecting a divorce attorney can be a pretty daunting task. No one wants to sift through online advertisements and hire the first divorce attorney that they find. This will be the individual that will assist in negotiating the terms of the divorce, so it is vital to ensure they have the credentials, skill and experience, and style required at a price that is affordable.

divorce-law-300x300First of all, ensure the attorney has experience with family law. In a number of states, attorneys can receive board-certification for family law. To get this type of certification, the attorney needs to demonstrate significant trial experience as well as pass a difficult exam. To maintain certification, continuing education on the topic of family law is required every year. Keep in mind that a board-certified family law attorney will often charge more and require higher retainer fees than non board-certified lawyers. However, board-certification often means more experience which can be extremely beneficial. When meeting to discuss credentials, the attorney should discuss all matters with you in a language that is understandable and not “legalese.” Individuals need to feel comfortable with their attorney as there is the possibility that personal information regarding the marriage will be exchanged. As well, ensure that, if there are children, the attorney will put the needs of the children first.

When selecting a divorce attorney, individuals should look for one with comprehensive legal knowledge and skills. An ideal divorce attorney will be a problem solver, negotiator and compromiser. They should also be comfortable in a courtroom setting, especially if there is the possibility the divorce will go to trial. Even if there are no plans to go to court, the attorney’s experience and success record will demonstrate the ability to adequately negotiate a settlement. If the divorce situation is a complex one, choose a divorce attorney that has a complete understanding of the current issues and knows specific laws relevant to the situation. A good divorce attorney also has the numbers of financial experts, like CPAs on file. Keep in mind, divorce negotiations is not just about ending the marriage but also financial matters.

Never base a decision as big as this on how nice an office is. Just because an office is fancy and located in an upscale building, it does not mean the attorney has adequate legal skills. The same goes for an attorney’s physical appearance. Do not also assume that because the fee is high that the attorney’s representation is high quality. Newly minted divorce attorneys have a lower price tag than divorce attorneys a solid reputation and numerous years of experience under their belt. However, there is an advantage with a new divorce attorney – they will most likely work a bit harder than a seasoned attorney in an effort to build a good reputation for themselves. Understand that a majority of divorce attorney bill per hour; a very small percentage are willing to take a flat fee. This is because it is hard to predetermine how a divorce hearing will go. If the divorce is completely amicable and the attorney has well defied tasks, an attorney may be more like to settle for a flat fee.